Houses get second chance as recycled wood frames

Just looking at them, who would have thought these recycled wood frames have so much history? In their past life, they were wooden houses painted in hues of blue, dotting the Thai rural landscape.

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Old wooden walls can now speak a thousand words - colorful frames made from reclaimed wood

Chips off the old block
As time would have it, these quaint houses were torn down. But they did not disappear. Enterprising Thai craftsmen began to use the chips and turned them into unusual home accessories.

Jigsaw frames
The most popular incarnation were wooden frames. Like a random jigsaw, each piece of recycled wood chip on the frame has to be matched, sized and glued into place.

Each unique
While the general design may be consistent, no two piece are alike with slight differences in colors or chip sizes. And due to the unusual source of raw material, these wooden frames are by nature limited.

When the blue wooden houses are all gone, the production of these wooden frames will end. But at least, we would have given many trees new homes.

What we love

  • The surprising but heartwarming use of colors.
  • The same color hues give us the flexibility to mix and match the frames, like how it is done here.
  • The fact that we're reusing natural materials.

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    How would we use it

  • Hang them in a set. The differing frames add texture and colors, yet blend beautifully.
  • As for the pictures, choose photos of a similar theme. Such as pictures of your children or a set of black and white prints for visual harmony.
  • Also makes an interesting and unusual gift.

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