The plastic wicker bag: from the market to the mall

When I think of Blessing & Overbeck's plastic wicker bag, I think of Audrey Hepburn in "My Fair Lady". Like Eliza Doolittle, the bag (which is aptly called the Market Bag) was an undiscovered gem on the streets. She was woven by peddlers from discarded plastic strips, which were used to tie carton boxes the vegetables arrived in. She was then, unsightly, dirty and definitely, not color-coordinated.

green sweetheartyellow zig zag

set of 6 colorsmulticolor bag set of 2

Then our friends, Andrea and Sabin saw the star potential of the dirty little bag and took her home.

They groomed her, gave her new and pretty colors. Then, the Market Bag made her debut at a fair in Frankfurt. And was an instant hit. Soon, chic ladies everywhere were taking her to the market. Where she once came from.

Sweet irony. But luckily, it all ends well with our Market Bags. Now she shops happily ever after.

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