Make your own personalized Easter baskets

Tired of kitschy bunnies on Easter baskets? This year, why not make your own personalized Easter baskets and infuse them with meaning and good taste? It doesn't need a lot of work or take up a lot of time but the end results can be very satisfying.

One of the quickest way to make personalized Easter baskets is to get readymade ones and add your touch to them:

  1. First, plan the contents of your baskets.
  2. Find the right sized baskets, with a little room so you can arrange the items neatly.
    wooden handle plastic wicker Easter baskets metal chalkboard personalized Easter basket embroidered Easter basket
    Tag this Blessing&Overbeck plastic woven basket Scribble on the chalkboard to personalize it Use fabric markers to write the recipient's name on the lining

  3. Once you have your baskets, lay a bed of colored tissue paper or shredded paper in them.
  4. Pick out your goodies. I like to fill them with a mix of beautiful hand baked Easter Cookies and delicious walnut fudge chip and caramel pecan brownies.
  5. Add in special gift such as a lovely Easter poem (here are some you can use for free) or an Easter book that recounts the Very First Easter.
  6. Another easy way to personalize your Easter baskets is to use gift tags. Write the names of the recipients on them. Stick the tags onto plastic cocktail stirrers. Simply stick the stirrers in the baskets, propped up by the gifts.
And there you have them - personalized Easter baskets, quick and easy.

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