Spring patio decorating

Patio decorating begins with creating an inviting porch or deck that combines comfort with the beauty of Spring.

Go outdoors
Setting up cozy patio furniture is a good place to start. In recent years, outdoor furniture has also undergone tremendous streamlining, redesigning and rethinking. We are no longer limited to iron furniture that are uncomfortable and look more like trellises. Shop around for pieces that fit your patio decorating scheme.

Personally I prefer lighter pieces (as opposed to heavy wrought iron patio furniture) so I can easily move the tables and chairs around should I host an outdoor party.

resin wicker patio furniture

Time to bloom
Flowers. Nothing says Spring more than flowers. If you've not already done so, dig into fresh dirt and start your own little patch of beauty.

wire birdcage plant aviary wire birdcage in distressed white

wire plant aviary

outdoor lantern with tealights

I don't have the luxury of a garden but I'll still have a healthy burst of flowers in a variety of pots, hanging baskets and my current favorite - wire bird cages, especially the ones in distressed white. They are so pretty with African Violets and small varieties of orchids.

gardening tool setAlso remember to use fresh cut flowers indoors. Short stemmed daisies in small vases look great as bookends. Place a posy on your bedside table as a daily reminder to wake up and smell the roses.

flowers in a bagAfter months of being cooped up indoors, there's nothing better than being in the sun - lunch at the patio, reading by the window, watching birds feed from your balcony. When dusk falls, string up lanterns for romantic tete-a-tetes or outdoor parties. After all, it's Spring. Don't waste it.

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