Happy living room decorating

An empty white shell. The perfect canvas to start my living room decorating project. I was clear in my mind that I wanted a space where my family and friends could chill and enjoy themselves. A happy living room. With little touches here and here, it quickly turned from blah to bliss.

living room decorating with color

Colors speak a thousand joys
I love red and I just had to have a feature wall in that color. After that was done, living room decorating was a piece of cake, in terms of my color scheme. I bought colorful pillows in warm tones and "framed" the living room floor space with a snazzy, vibrant rug.

Balance is the secret. Combine intense colors with soft furnishings. Over-the-top- designs pulled together by other understated items. That said, red may not be for you but don't hold back on color. Try this season's hot shade of decadent chocolate. It's a fact, chocolates make you happy.

Some thing new, some thing old
I salvaged mom's retro lamp, her old typewriter and wind-up clock before they ended up on a yard sale. The old proverb rings true: one woman's trash is another's treasure. Mixing and matching the old with the new gives your place instant charm.

The light side of living room decorating
We've be told: Focus on the good stuff, downplay the bad. Same with your apartment. Put the spotlight on the beautiful piece you picked up from the gallery. Or the mug your daughter made. And when the occasion calls for it dim the lights and turn up the heat. Bring out candle stands or chandeliers to set the mood.

rahmen mosaik frame
don't be shy. let your personality shine.
Make it personal
There's nothing like surrounding yourself with happy memories. On a trip to a tea plantation, I snapped a series of photos of Grandpa. I'm by no means a pro but the photos turned out great. I framed and hung them on my feature wall. Friends never fail to ask "Who's that?" I, then, have fun recounting tales of 84-year old gramps.

The trick is to frame your pictures in a set - similar kinds of photos with similar frames. Or get those that allow for 4 or 5 photos in one frame.

Green for grins
I finished my living room decorating project with greens. Thriving greens immediately cheer up your space. On the flip side, the sight of wilting plants is utterly depressing. Take good care of your greens and they'll give you plenty of joy. Falling short, decorate with fresh flowers. Break away from the usual roses or daisies. Ginger lilies give out a spicy fragrance and its bold green leaves is sure to make a statement.

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