Lingerie Bags: Traveling with the Bathing Belles

I promised myself I would keep my under-things safely stowed in zipped up lingerie bags, after one particularly bad red-as-a-lobster incident at a custom check point. With the increasing frequency of bag checks at airports, it seems the only wise thing to do. While bag checks are a drag, it's also the perfect excuse to splurge on these cute lingerie bags.

bathing belles on line
sweet stow away for your intimates

Bathing Belles, Bikini Babes
Meet the gorgeous Bathing Belles from Blessing & Overbeck, which is fast becoming one of my firm favorites. I love both the practicality and cheekiness of these bags.

Handcrafted beauties
The tiny bikini appliques lend just the right touch of naughty and nice. I secretly wish some one would make real bikinis in those fabrics, don't you?

What is even more endearing is that each bag is individually hand sewn. The fabrics for the applique may also differ slightly. So you may end up with your very own exclusive Bathing Belle Lingerie Bag.

Plastic lined
Unzipping the cotton bag reveals a compartment, spacious enough for a few day's change. It is also lined with plastic to protect against dampness. Which is a very thoughtful and welcomed bonus.

Travel must have
Now, I can't leave without it. With the Bathing Belles, bag searches are no sweat.

yellow bathing belle
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How would we use it

  • Besides a travel lingerie bag, I keep one handy as a "change bag". I just stuff in a clean set of lingerie, towel, comb and leave it in my office or car. And I'm always ready for a sleepover or the gym without worrying about fresh change.
  • It can also do double duty as a toiletry bag.
  • Great as a gift for a lady friend, especially when matched with shoe and stocking bags.

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