Four quick party themes

Choosing party themes is where the fun begins. Find a theme that best allows your guests to enjoy themselves, as well as, rings true to your personality.

If you're a homebody who has never stepped out of your state, Ethnic Crossover may not be right for you. That said, do experiment. Mix and match. Don't be afraid to try party themes you've never done before. That's how all great parties start.

New Country
mug with blue flowersoutdoor picnicfloral egg cups
The charm of prints and embroideryDecorate with fresh flowers, fresh fruit and lots of zestDelicate patterns and vivid colors

The mood is a fresh as newly cut grass. The look is unfussy, down to earth and homely. Dress your table with embroidered cotton table cloths and posies in glass jars.

Fill your table with fresh fruit, fresh flowers and colors as sweet as spring. Complete the look with back to basics cutlery. And serve wholesome homecooked goodness that will make your guest feel like they've gone home to momma's.

Ethnic Crossover
food coverswooden napkin ringschopsticks with duck restenamel plate with wooden servers
Bamboo foodcovers for a touch of EastRustic feel of wooden napkin ring holdersServing noodles? Go all the way with carved chopsticks and holdersDark wood of faraway lands

The key to this is to go easy. Don't go overboard with the ethnic elements and to combine them with modern touches. Just use one or two items, such as wooden cutlery on plain white flatware, to punctuate the style.

Avoid overpowering it with lush greens or flowers, instead opt for bamboo stalks to maintain the understated look. And let your guests take home aromatic spice sacks for memories that linger long after.

Classic Glam
beaded ornamentscandles
Scatter beaded ornaments for high glamBathe the glitter with warm light

Glamor never goes out of style. Lavish your table with silverware, candles and linen. Exude elegance with white chinaware.

Sprinkle beaded ornaments or other sparklies on the table, as accents. And always serve a decacent chocolate dessert, to make the dinner a night to remember.

Cozy Alternative
warm table settingrose petalssushi surprise
Cozy up with warm tonesRose petals turn up the heatServe an unexpected dish

If you want a party theme that's cozy yet chic, this is for you. Decorate your table with rich, inviting tones. Set the mood with candles and scents. Scattered rose petals on the tablecloth add a warm, sensual touch.

Surprise your guests with an unexpected menu. Instead of roast chicken, cater a japanese dinner of sashimi, soba noodles, seafood tempura, cawanmushi and sake. It will be a night worth talking about after.

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