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violet hocker stool
sturdy rattan combined with violet plastic wicker seat
The transformation of the Hocker Stool

The Hocker Stool could have been Northern Thailand's best kept secret if not for our home decor designer friends, Andrea and Sabin of Blessing & Overbeck.

On one of their trips, they chanced upon a quaint looking stool, woven from wild rattan by an indigenious Thai tribe. Inspired by the simplicity and rustic appeal of the stool, Andrea and Sabin flew into a frenzy, working on a contemporary version of it. And before we could say "take a seat" the humble Hocker Stool was born.

10 colors and counting
One of the things we love about Andrea and Sabin's designs is their clever use of colors. With the Hocker Stool, they outdid themselves. When we saw the rainbow range of colors - we couldn't help but fall in love with them, all 10 of them.

The colors are just stunning - they'll keep your dining room as warm as summer, even as the days grow dark and cold.

Each a unique piece
Another thing they tackled were the dimensions. Being handcrafted from scraps of rattan, the stools created by the hill tribes were all of different heights and shapes. The enterprising duo managed to convince the villagers to weave them according to specifications.

Till today, each stool is individually handwoven and is unique in itself. Each may have slight variations in dimensions, unlike mass-produced products.

How would we use it
  • We see it circling a round dining table. Or as extra guest seating. Because of its trim size you can easily slot it in between your usual dining chairs to accommodate a few more people round the table.
  • Would be wonderful paired with a low coffee table in the patio.
  • Great as a plant stand in the living room.

    Love the bright colors and raw rattan. Rustic yet modern.

    Cozy quotient

    Note: Regrettably, we no longer sell the Hocker Stool.

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