Holiday Decorating

Here are some holiday decorating tips to add cheer to the celebrations.


personalized Easter basketsMake your own personalized Easter baskets
Tired of kitschy bunnies on Easter baskets? This year, why not make your own personalized Easter baskets and infuse them with meaning and good taste? It's a lot easier than you think. Read more on how you can make your own personalized Easter baskets.

Easter party toothpicksFancy toothpicks for Easter parties
Was at a flea market and stumbled across these cute toothpicks which are just great for Easter parties. Pi, as I call her, painstakingly makes each figurine perched on top of the toothpicks. See more party toothpicks.


wire Christmas treeSmall space Christmas trees
While nothing beats a 12-foot Christmas tree, some of our homes just do not have the luxury of space. But despair not, the current trend of miniature or mini Christmas trees is big on Yuletide cheer. Sure, they may not be real but artificial Christmas trees are proving to be just as charming. Read article.

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