Hey! That's our Hocker Stool

Hocker Stool in Domino Magazine
As seen in Domino, Oct '06
Woohoo! The Blessing & Overbeck Hocker Stool is featured in Domino magazine (Oct 2006) issue. Bring out the bubbly. This calls for a little celebration. And all round big congrats to Andrea and Sabin for yet another feather in their multi-colored cap.

As an occasional table
Domino suggests using it, or what they call the "spiral" stool, as an occasional table. It writes, "Topped with towels, wicker and caned plastic make for a resilient bathside companion." Absolutely. We think it makes a great bedside companion too for stacking your before-bed-books.

Hocker Stool set to sail
Quite a few of you have written to us expressing interest in the stool. We thank you for the warm and kind words. This is what makes us love what we do.

As we're shipping them over from our warehouse in Asia, we've sourced for the best shipping rates and delivery times possible for an item of such size and weight. We hope this will help us get them to you as soon as possible.

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