New contemporary furniture.
Do they make the cut?

So, we've been walking the contemporary furniture fairs ... as always, they were inspiring and chock-block with fresh, new design ideas. A visual and tactile feast of shapes, colors and materials ... almost overwhelming! Here are some work that made our heart beat faster and we are seriously considering adding their work to our collection.

In the next few entries, we'll be posting some contemporary furniture finds. We hope you'll be able to give us a hand in the selection and let us know what you think? Does it deserve a spot in our Collection? Could it be improved?

Let us know as we'll like to work hand-in-hand with these new designers to come up with the best home decor pieces we possibly can. Feel free to give us feedback. Just click on the 'comment' link and speak your mind. Or email us with this contact us form.

The New Stool
The first batch of contemporary furniture comes from upcoming designer Thitiporn. When we saw them - we thought what unusual stools! We like the swirls - inspired by the movement of water - and the interplay of rough and smooth fabric texture on the seat. We can picture the red ones in a trio lined up against the wall, or the long bench as extra living seating for the dining table. Make striking new additions, don't you think?

The Foot Massage Rug
Here's more from Thitiporn. This is a contemporary take on age-old foot reflexology goodness. Many Asians believe that by stimulating certain pressure points on your feet, you can improve general well-being. I'm not so sure about foot reflexology and its benefits but I do like this rug, with small smooth stones embedded into its plush fiber. Talk about bringing the outdoors indoor! It's like a walk on a river bed - swirling waters and round pebbles. A no-fail conversation piece.

contemporary foot massage rugs

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