Contemporary bookcases, definitely not from grandma's

Stylish contemporary bookcases also from anyroom. I'm really loving their fresh, clean lines.

New bookcase #1 - Hive
A little twist on the usual makes a big difference for in this contemporary bookcase. But what really works for me here is the lovely wood grain.

contemporary bookcase - hive from anyroom

New bookcase #2 - Vasidee
A modular system that can go as large as your collection. I'm also thinking of them up on the wall as box shelves. It may even work as an interesting bookcase headboard.

contemporary bookcase - vasidee from anyroom

New room divider - Cellulose
The striking red is simply gorgeous. If I'm looking for bookcase room dividers, this is definitely my pick. But it's not for the neat freak who needs to have his or her books lined up in rows.

contemporary bookcase - cellulose from anyroom

New magazine holder - Cube
The cubes play tricks on your eyes. They look three dimension but they are not.

contemporary bookcase - cube from anyroom

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