Small space Christmas tree

While nothing beats a 12-foot Christmas tree, some of our homes just do not have the luxury of space. But despair not, the current trend of miniature or mini Christmas trees is big on Yuletide cheer. Sure, they may not be real but artificial Christmas trees are proving to be just as charming.

Clone it up
It may not have the advantage of size but being small means you can have a few more trees in a few more spots around the house. Take three or more of the same tree and decorate them with the same ornaments or in the same theme. Then place one on the console at your entrance, one on your living room side table, another as a centerpiece on your dining table. You'll be amazed at the impact these small wonders deliver.

wire Christmas tree
also makes a great dining table centerpiece. Click for larger image.

The key to doing it successfully is to use a small yet striking tree. We've had much success with this classic 26" gold wire Christmas tree from Blessing & Overbeck's Christmas range. Despite its size, it is huge on appeal and has never failed to get people talking.

We think it's the intricate twisted wires. At other times, we think it is the sexy curves or perhaps, the baroque gold ... we still can't pin it down but we know we love it. Apparently, Elle Decoration (the German edition) too, which featured it a while back.

Better yet, the gold wire Christmas tree is now on sale for a limited time only.

Play it up
Traditionally, our family would get together and set up the tree. But as we moved out and began to set up our own homes, the tradition took on a new form. We now leave the tree naked! As friends and family come in for our Christmas dinner, we hand out gift tags. Everyone spends time writing down their well wishes and then hangs them on a white Christmas tree, like this one by pbb&o. A simple gesture that adds beauty to the season of giving.

pbb&o white Christmas tree

Lift it up
It isn't exactly a tree but we like the playfulness of this Christmas tree mobile by pbb&o. We think hanging a cluster of these mobiles from your ceiling at varying heights would be simply delightful. Attention grabbing and without a doubt, will save you floor space.

pbb&o Christmas tree hanging mobile

Don't let your space limit your creativity. You'll be surprised how much you can do when you don't need a 12-foot tree to bring on the good tidings.

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