The 3-step bathroom organizer

Try this easy bathroom organizer that will get your bathroom looking spic and span in a weekend or less.

medicine cabinetbathing belles lingerie bagblue shower screen
1. get rid of clutter2. sort your stuff3. add style!

Bust clutter
  • Get 2 mid sized boxes. One for trash and the other for items you want to keep.
  • Focus on the countertop and medicine cabinet first: clear out everything from them into the 2 boxes. Be ruthless. Trash product samples you've collected, empty bottles, unfinished products that you would probably never will.
  • Then clean the countertop, cabinets and wipe dry. Clean cabinets make you naturally more discriminating when restocking the cabinets.
Get a system going
  • Look into your "keep" box and pick out what you use on a daily basis i.e. your toothbrushes and cleansers. Place them where you can reach them most easily, usually the countertop. For an organized look, consider using a small tray to hold your lotions and cleansers together.
    white tray set of 3
    sit your bottles in trays to minimize scatter, also useful as drawer dividers

  • Other often-used items can then go into your medicine cabinet.
  • Next, drawers and undersink storage. Again, clear everything into the 2 boxes. Clean and wipe dry the drawers and storage.
  • Organize your drawers according to categories. Use bathroom organizers, dividers or baskets, if necessary. I usually keep one each for make-up, hair accessories, perfume, etc.
  • Undersink storage is great for cleaning items and bathroom stock such as extra shampoo, cotton buds and the like. To make room, store small items in transparent plastic boxes and stack them up. Cleaning items are best in a basket caddy, which is handy when you need to use them.
  • Your "keep" box should be empty by now. Sort through your "trash" box again. If you really must keep some of them, consider storing them in another room or non-essential storage area.
Punch up the style
  • Functional items in the bathroom can be turned into star items. Two laundry baskets instead of one is the perfect excuse to add color to your bathroom. They'll also save you the sorting when it's laundry time.
white plastic wicker laundry basketmulticolored plastic wicker laundry basket
keep 2 baskets instead of 1so you don't have to re-sort at laundry time

  • Plastic wicker baskets work well as undersink storage or a bathroom organizer, if you do not have built-in cabinets.
  • Rugs and brightly colored towels can do wonders too.
  • Add in some greens. The Maidenfern thrives well in the steamy conditions of the bathroom but needs to sit next to window that lets in lots of light.
basket with plantcolor coordinated bathroom organizer
decorate with lifecolor coordinated bathroom organizer

Set this bathroom organizer plan in just one weekend and your bathroom could be like new.

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