Out-of-the-box bathroom decorating

Is it possible that bathroom decorating can nurture creative thinking?

I spend a huge chunk of time holed up in the bathroom, mulling over an idea, some times unconsciously, when I'm brushing my teeth or putting on make-up. Other times when I'm stuck or facing writer's block, I go to the the bathroom for a change of environment. And what do you know, it works! There's nothing like a hot shower or a soak in the bath to help generate new ideas. With a few twists, your bathroom can be a creative hot tub.

Keep a basket of magazines and books next to the you-know-what. I also keep a notepad and pencil ready in case ideas strike.

blue bathroom range
aim for soothing colors and a clutter free bathroom
Get rid of clutter
A cluttered mind seldom thinks clearly. Get rid of the clutter and you'll free your mind, besides feeling pretty darn good about yourself. A weekend is all it takes. Here's a plan to help you tackle bathroom clutter. Click to view the 3-step plan to a clutter-free bathroom

Soothe with color
Pastel, serene shades work best in the bathroom. They relax you and calm your nerves. Also, consider decorating your bathroom with greens and flowers.

Music to muse
Get a waterproof radio if music helps you think. Jazz and the drizzle of the shower are my favorite bathroom thought-starters.

Keep it toasty
A cold bathroom is uncomfortable and certainly not idea-friendly. Add in rugs, curtains and seat warmers (if necessary) so your mind comes unfrozen.

Scent the right mood
Scents make bathroom decorating complete. I find that lemon invigorates my senses. If the scent is too sharp, blend it with ginger, lavender or lemon tea-tree. You may also want to try Bergamot which is a great mood lifter. Light the right stuff and ignite your creativity.

Time yourself
And lastly, get a clock to keep you in check. I can't recall how often I lose track of time when daydreaming in the bathroom. Besides, it's also a great excuse to put some thing chic and colorful to decorate your bathroom.

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