Fish gets lucky in Asian decor

The fish symbol is traditionally considered "lucky" in Asian decor. But, all things considered, I'd say some fishes are luckier than others. Like this one, spotted on the cover of Elle Decoration (UK Edition) July 2006 issue.

asian inspired fish decor

The fish in question belongs to Peter Ting, a design consultant to luxury goods company Asprey, and is cheerfully nestled in his gorgeous Asian decor inspired home. We love its bright red and yes, even its garish gold seems to work well in its unswerving purpose of being a harbinger of good luck.

Asian decor with a touch of quirky
But we think the reason the fish gets to grace the cover of a chic decor magazine is due to the company it keeps. Peter's collection of quirky pieces in the same themed color and pattern exude harmony and balance. Everything simply falls into place.

asian inspired fish decor

You lucky fish!
Not quite in the same league as Peter's but this fish too has luck on its side. Whenever I show it to friends, very few could imagine that it was once a plain plastic water bottle.

A group of students, looking for part-time work, was the brainchild of this lucky fish. They cut up the bottles, sprayed on scales in various prosperity colors and hung the little bells on each fish. Strung in a set of six, the fishes work as fashionably unique chimes or a mobile. And before we knew it, the fishes swam into the hearts of everyone we knew.

Got fish?
Already lucky enough to be saved from the landfill, hopefully, hanging one up will turn your luck around.

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