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Contribute to Decorating

Would you like to share your knowledge about decorating? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Spring decorating is like chicken soup for the soul

To shrug off the icy fingers of winter, you cannot but do some spring decorating for your home

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Mother's Day ideas

Keep Mom happy with these chic Mother's Day ideas

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Fancy toothpicks for Easter parties

Was at a flea market and stumbled across these cute toothpicks which are just great for Easter parties. Pi, as I call her, painstakingly makes each figurine perched on top of the toothpicks.

My discovery is a little too late for this Easter but I'm already thinking of using her floral designs for a picnic.

The fairies and angels would be so pretty for a little girls tea party.

And lastly, could not resist sneaking in these lovely ones for Christmas.


Best thing is, you can mix and match designs for every minimum order of 30 sticks. Pi does not have a permanent store but if you'll like to place an order, I'll contact her for you. Just write me here. And have a wonderful Easter.



Contemporary lighting

This seems like a good fit for QocoonDecor. Lamps made from silk cocoons by designer Ohmpiang.

When asked about the process, he explains that the silk cocoons are first harvested and sun dried. Then a lot of careful binding and twining the cocoons together till the shape is formed. Tedious work, no doubt, but the effect is simply beautiful.

Ohmpiang carries another interesting series of lamps - the forest lamps - which is a shadow play of trees and their silhouettes.

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Contemporary living room furniture

I spotted a few interesting contemporary living room furniture from anyroom's selection and couldn't resist posting them up.

New coffee table#1 - Klom
I like the wood and acrylic combo. Rustic yet modern.

New coffee table #2 - Bushes
This is one of my new favorites for the living room. Love the delicate motif cut from sheet metal.

New living room chair - Lanta
If I were to pick some thing from anyroom, it has to be the Lanta chair. The wood grain is just amazing and the clean lines are a sight to behold.

New daybed - Laze
Okay, this isn't exactly living room furniture but it could be with some imagination. Sprawled next to your bookcase, rocking you gently as you read. Can't you already picture yourself in it?

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New contemporary furniture #4 - Bookcases

Stylish contemporary bookcases also from anyroom. I'm really loving their fresh, clean lines.

New bookcase #1 - Hive
A little twist on the usual makes a big difference for in this contemporary bookcase. But what really works for me here is the lovely wood grain.

New bookcase #2 - Vasidee
A modular system that can go as large as your collection. I'm also thinking of them up on the wall as box shelves. It may even work as an interesting bookcase headboard.

New room divider - Cellulose
The striking red is simply gorgeous. If I'm looking for bookcase room dividers, this is definitely my pick. But it's not for the neat freak who needs to have his or her books lined up in rows.

New magazine holder - Cube
The cubes play tricks on your eyes. They look three dimension but they are not.

What do you think? Click to comment on our selection of contemporary bookcases.



New contemporary furniture #3

I love comtemporary benches, especially those with great lines. Not only do they look good, they are so useful when you need extra seating or simply when you want to light up a dull hallway. We found these two sleek contemporary benches from anyroom. At the moment, they rank high on my favorites.

New Bench #1 - Alone
I like the simplicity and its quiet elegance. Perfect when set against a gallery wall.

New Bench #2 - Dance
The next contemporary bench is called 'Dance' and what an apt name! Especially love its 'legs' in motion. It's a great conversation piece anywhere.

What do you think? Like it? Give it some stars and comment away.



New contemporary furniture #2

The Foot Massage Rug
Here's more from Thitiporn. This is a contemporary take on age-old foot reflexology goodness. Many Asians believe that by stimulating certain pressure points on your feet, you can improve general well-being. I'm not so sure about foot reflexology and its benefits but I do like this rug, with small smooth stones embedded into its plush fiber. Talk about bringing the outdoors indoor! It's like a walk on a river bed - swirling waters and round pebbles. A no-fail conversation piece.



New contemporary furniture #1
Do they make the cut?

So, we've been walking the contemporary furniture fairs ... as always, they were inspiring and chock-block with fresh, new design ideas. A visual and tactile feast of shapes, colors and materials ... almost overwhelming! Here are some work that made our heart beat faster and we are seriously considering adding their work to our collection.

In the next few entries, we'll be posting some contemporary furniture finds. We hope you'll be able to give us a hand in the selection and let us know what you think? Does it deserve a spot in our Collection? Could it be improved?

Let us know as we'll like to work hand-in-hand with these designers to come up with the best contemporary furniture pieces we possibly can. Feel free to give us feedback. Just click on the 'comment' link and speak your mind. Or email us with this contact us form.

The New Stool
The first batch of contemporary furniture comes from upcoming designer Thitiporn. When we saw them - we thought what unusual stools! We like the swirls - inspired by the movement of water - and the interplay of rough and smooth fabric texture on the seat. We can picture the red ones in a trio lined up against the wall, or the long bench as extra living seating for the dining table. Make striking new additions, don't you think?



Retro lunch boxes

I was out Christmas shopping and ended picking up these 2 retro lunch boxes for $1. What a find! I used to slap a peanutbutter sandwich into one and off I go to school.

Funny though, I used to hate how they look. Now, they look almost cool. My point of view, tinted rosy by nostalgia, most certainly.

Anyways, I think they'll make interesting additions to the mantelpiece or shelf but I have yet to find them a place.


Turn your videos into a flipbook

flipclip I've had a long standing romance with flipbooks. Back in the good old days, I'll draw little stickmen running, jumping and doing various naughty things at the corner of my textbook pages. Then I'd flip the pages and let my friends in on the crude stop-motion "movie".

Flipclips has now made it way cooler. You can turn your 30 sec videos into little flipbooks to keep or share. Amazing idea. Hurry on and order before Dec 18 if you want get it for the holidays and for under $7.

Also great idea for family members who may not be able to spend the holidays with you. Upload your best Christmas moment video, flipclip it and send it over. [via apartment therapy]


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Blessing & Overbeck Hocker Stool as seen in Domino magazine

Hocker Stool in Domino Magazine
As seen in Domino, Oct '06

Woohoo! The Blessing & Overbeck Hocker Stool is featured in Domino magazine (Oct 2006) issue. Bring out the bubbly. This calls for a little celebration. And all round big congrats to Andrea and Sabin for yet another feather in their multi-colored cap...


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Blessing & Overbeck Hocker Stool as seen in Domino magazine"

Fish gets lucky in Asian decor

The fish symbol is traditionally considered "lucky" in Asian decor. But, all things considered, I'd say some fishes are luckier than others. Like this one, spotted on the cover of Elle Decoration (UK Edition) July 2006 issue.

asian inspired fish decor

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Fish gets lucky in Asian decor"

Spotted! Recycled wood frames

Was flipping through the SS/06 issue of Better Homes and Garden's
Real + Life Decorating when I spotted something familiar.

The mag featured CNN News Anchor Sophia Choi's home and I was very happy to see her collection of recycled wood frames, like the ones we carry. They look amazing on her porch's white wooden walls.

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Spotted! Recycled wood frames"